Museum History & Vision

The Poultney Museum of History and Art came into being after the closing of Green Mountain College. This is a beautiful town surrounded by astounding scenery, local character, and history. The loss of the college caused hardship to local businesses with the end of student’s and their families revenue coming into Poultney and surrounding areas.

This museum is one of many enterprises that wish to fill the void in the absence that the college has left. By bringing local and the America’s history and art to one location, it is calling to incoming tourists, as well as local travelers, to stop and enjoy what these two continent’s have to offer.

Current Exhibit: The Welsh-American Genealogical Society (WAGS)

The Welsh-American Genealogical Society (WAGS) is pleased to announce it will have rotating exhibits in this new museum about its library collections as well as history about many other Welsh heritage stories and non-profits world-wide. It will also enable a public site for visitors to meet with WAGS volunteers to talk about Welsh history. WAGS continues its program of fund-raising for its much-needed library expansion. Many Welsh heritage items continue to be received for the future WAGS library and museum.

Welsh Heritage Exhibit Tour

Past Exhibit: Hannah Wood Carving Exhibit